8 Best TV Shows To Help Your Kids Learn English

The other day, Garima, Mr Sharma’s 7-year-old daughter went & sat next to him, taking hold of his hand she uttered, “papa I love you to the moon & back.” Mr Sharma was overwhelmed & surprised at the same time wondering about the usage of the beautiful expression in English by his daughter who was a Hindi medium student with very limited knowledge of English. He got to know later that she made the best of her lockdown period by watching some nice shows in English & gradually she started speaking in English.

There are various reasons which prove that English TV shows can really help kids learn English very easily. Some ar

  • Easy, uncomplicated & relatable content.
  • They are repetitive, words, phrases & whole sentence structure is repeated.
  • They’re for a short duration, hardly for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The language is too simple.
  • The situations are based on day-to-day life.
  • The language is very easy.

So here are some very good TV shows for kids which are definitely worth going for:


This is about a dog who after having some kind of special soup starts talking. It’s full of fun & adventure. The best thing about this show is that the words used in this are very easy & they’re explained before & after each episode. Due to the repetition, children don’t forget the new words they learned.


It’s a fun show based on some crazy scientific experiments where two brothers take us on an adventure ride. The language is easy & sometimes there situation based songs also to learn.


It’s very good for young learners. The show is quite interactive where the characters of the show encourage the audience to participate which motivates kids to speak or give answers.


This is another interactive show kids have to jog their minds to find out the answer. It’s about a dog(Blue) & what he wants, so the viewers have to think of answers. The language, content is very easy to understand.


The show deals with everyday situations & has relatable content. It teaches good morals to children. This show is very good for those who have basic knowledge of English. The vocabulary words & grammar used is for moderate speakers & it takes its viewers a step ahead in learning English.


This is the story of a simple village girl who became a princess overnight. She teaches good things to others. She sings also where the lines are easy to comprehend & memorize. The enunciation used in the songs & dialogues is nice & helps kids to learn.


The show is super funny where the protagonist Nancy teaches everyone how to be style & how to speak in a stylish way. Children will get to learn a lot of advanced words. The best part is words are explained both verbally & using pictures so it really becomes easy for children to relate to them.


The show has animated puppets as the main characters. It’s full of entertainment as it involves a lot of singing & dancing. This show is very good for grown-up children. They will get to learn many phrases & expressions related to different situations & it’ll be easy to follow.

Eventually, TV shows become a part of our lives & we start understanding the characters, their life & as a result of this understanding their language becomes easy. Due to this, the words, expressions, sentence structure become easy to comprehend. Hence, TV shows in English are one of the best ways for anyone to learn English.

  Written by: Kalpana Chatterjee

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