How Professionals can Improve their Communication skills?

Being a professional puts you in situations where you need to convey your thoughts, ideas across the meeting room. Moreover, the workplace is prone to miscommunications and misunderstandings whether it is verbal, non-verbal or written.

Communication is a two way process where it is not only important to convey the ideas but also to receive the same efficiently.

Any great personality be it Obama, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, are known to have extraordinary interpersonal skills. To have good interpersonal skills the importance of good communication skills cannot be overlooked. Developing it is a tough nut to crack. But, this like any other skill can be developed over a period of time through right guidance and practice. But, in order to learn something one first needs to know what all areas one needs to improve and why.

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Given below are certain areas where professionals need to improve their communication skills.

Verbal communication

The environment that one does business in is changing. It’s not just limited to face to face interactions that happen in the office but also the ones that happen on other digital platforms – Skype, zoom, webinars to name a few. Your conduct and your communication on these platforms can set you ahead of your peers.

Non- verbal communication

The communication not only includes what you speak but it also includes your appearance, your body language and your gestures. A miniscule change as small as arching your brow can bring a significant change to what you imply. In order to make your communication effective and make sure it reaches the people the same way as you intend it is imperative that your non – verbal communication is on point.

Written communication

Formal letters and business orders have taken a backseat. In this period of time where people have taken to digitalization in a new light and more and more communications are taking place over the internet. The emails are gaining more and more official recognition as the time passes. Writing an email that is effective and to the point doesn’t come naturally. Same goes for sending memos.

Listening skills

The most ignored part in communication skills is the listening skill. The people who have the ability to listen to others intently tend to be better at communication. Being good at listening makes you a better communicator too as when you listen carefully to the problems you are in a better position to find the solution or at least respond to them.

One of the main reasons why professionals struggle with communication skills is they are unable to learn English in the earlier stages of their learning. As a result they don’t get much exposure regarding the same. However, there is nothing that can’t be learnt with effort.

With the right guidance you can acquire good communication skills. We believe that the professionals too require special attention in individual batches where the focus is on developing skills which help you be better at your workplace and carry an edge. Keeping this in mind we have designed Professional Communication & Conversation in a way that the interests of the professionals are taken care of.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay


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