Communication is conveying or transmitting information by speaking, writing or using some other medium. Speaking and writing are essential forms of communication, but there are other sources as well. The most important of them is nonverbal communication. So let’s understand how to sharpen our non-verbal communication. But before that let’s know the meaning of nonverbal communication NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION is one which doesn’t involve any talking but aspects like body posture, gestures, eye contact, listening, facial expressions etc.


It means communicating through signals of the body whether it is standing posture or sitting posture.Ideal posture is erect body language. Here, back should be erect, hands should be on your legs and feet on the floor. Never sit cross-legged or crossed arms.


It means signaling by hand or head to express some ideas or convey some message.The best noticeable gestures are constant head nodding and movement of hands in the circumference of the body.


It means the act of looking directly into the eyes of another person.The ideal eye contact is to look in the eyes of the person, not glaring but a gentle look.In case of a group, maintain eye contact with everyone for at least 3 seconds.


It means to give one’s attention to someone and respond to the advice or request.It is always suggested to be an active listener, to fully concentrate, understand, respond and then paraphrase.


It means gesture executed or expressed by a person’s face. These are primary means of conveying social information. Hence, these are the tips for healthy communication because honest communication is essential for a healthy relationship.

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