How To Speak English Fluently And Confidently

English is a global and the most commonly used language used all around the world. The ability to speak English fluently and confidently can provide you with better opportunities. It will also help you stand out from the other participants or candidates. It will help you communicate successfully in terms of business too. It will also help you travel abroad and help you learn about various cultures, traditions, food, etc.

But these are the benefits of speaking English fluently and confidently. The question arises of how to speak in such a manner so that a person can avail of such benefits. Hence, the hullabaloo ends here.


listening is a game-changer. Listening to video clips, audios, English songs, chat shows, etc. will help you speed up the learning process. Optimum utilization of technology can help you learn better.


reading helps you learn English faster. Many people are into reading storybooks, newspapers, fairy tales for kids, e-books, etc. Newspapers can give you knowledge but reading storybooks can give you many expressions and good vocabulary which will enhance your English.


once you start listening and reading, you should also communicate to retain what they have heard and read. Now the question arises, how to speak without hesitation? Start speaking at home to gain some confidence. Make it a habit to speak to some people regularly.


speaking at home is the first step and one should not get stuck over there. Make sure you keep learning new words and phrases and keep practicing. One should move from simple learning to hard learning. This will develop confidence in you.


once a person starts speaking at home, and then gradually learning new words would help them gain confidence. But the way a person speaks determines the level of confidence. Speaking loudly, assertively, and projecting your voice helps develop confidence.


one of the most effective ways is by talking with native speakers on a daily basis. You will have an amazing experience with what you’ve learned as well as learn more.


We can usually find mistakes while others are speaking but when it comes to us, it is difficult to identify our own errors. Recording helps with this a lot. Be your own critic. It will help you improve in real-time.


it’s not enough to just read and repeat the words. You need to start thinking in English. When you think in English, your brain is processing and understanding what you’re reading and speaking more quickly than before.

There are various ways in which one can speak English fluently and confidently. But joining a community who have the same goals as you have, will help you improve more efficiently.

  Written by: Kashf Khan

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