Resume Building and Interview Training Workshop

Last weekend the world witnessed the beginning of the auspicious Chaitra Navratra and the holy month of Ramadan – A remarkable conjugation that must have left many a constellation to wonder. Amidst the ascending festivities at nearly every house in Lucknow, Diamond Hall at the ACL, Indira Nagar was buzzing with the excitement of young aspirants- students and young professionals from various walks of life.

A group of vibrant students has gathered to participate and attend a session on “Building a Resume” followed by another session on “ Facing the interview Board”. ACL, a pioneer institute offering Personality Development programs and English-speaking courses in the state of Uttar Pradesh has been crafting talented professionals for the Nation’s workforce. In order to see their students get effortlessly absorbed in various fields of their choice, ACL had offered them to learn to market & advertise themselves so as to be picked up by better companies in the Indian & International job market.

Sourabh Samaddar, who is a Hospitality Professional with years of experience in the Hotel Industry and the Corporate world was present to disseminate his knowledge, share his experience, and train the audience on the topics of- Building a Resume & Facing the interview Board.

On Saturday, Sourabh emphasized how important it is to create a tailored Resume that should suit the requirements of the job advertised, focusing on the choice of templates, the contents, and the use of Keywords. He focussed on the personal touch that one needs to put in while adding achievements and interests as these are areas that differentiate one candidate from another. Prior to these, one needs to create a flawless document using state-of-the-art technology with appropriate content and precise information.

As a resume is a Candidate’s marketing tool to advertise oneself appropriately in the career world, the Coach, trained them step by step to create this precious document, running them through each stage and finally tuning them with the subtle points of fine importance, while strictly adhering to the do’s & don’ts. A flurry of questions that were twirling in the young minds was discussed during the final questions and answer session with a logical explanation and delightful humor.n.

Sunday was a day to look forward to as most of the audience were eager to know the perfect answers to the trickiest questions asked in the interview…. Preparing for an interview requires meticulous planning and systematic execution of the steps, leading to a situation where one is calm and composed – ready to face the volley of questions and reply to them with poise and precision: Articulation is an important skill to acquire which Sourabh feels as he opened the session.

From “Tell me something about yourself “ to stress & behavioral questions were discussed in abundance. The top 10 questions being taken up first, following them with the skillful ways to answer them, and also how to prepare astounding replies was the curriculum for the day. Time flew well past the schedule and finally, the session concluded – happiness all around, satisfaction beaming from every face, and the hearts wanting for more.

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