7 Reasons Why Learning English Language Is Important For Children

It’s very easy to see how English has become an important language all around the world. Many companies, universities, tourists, and travelers use English as a common language to communicate. But the question is how did English become such an important language? It all goes back to the British Empire. It covered around 25% of the earth's surface. During that era, the rulers often obliged the people to speak in English rather than their native language. Hence, this language has left an important mark.

As speaking English is important for everyone, so it is for our children. Practicing new language skills provides them with a platform to understand the world with a whole new perspective. It encourages them to embrace new customs and imbibe new cultures. It helps them to become good professionals.

Here is a list of reasons as to why language learning English is important for children:-

1. A global language

English is the most commonly spoken language of the world. One out of five people can either speak or understand English. It can help in getting a job, meeting new people, writing papers, traveling becomes a lot easier, etc

2. Learning advantage

Children learn languages better than adults because they are in more comfortable settings and have more time.

3. Bilingualism has health benefits

Speaking different languages can slow down the onset of dementia. Using different techniques, the brain uses new ways to process information. This helps to protect its functionality.

4. Exposure to languages

When children learn a new language, they are exposed to new values and customs which belong to a different society. This encourages them to think from a new point of view. Exposing children to new ways and appreciating where others come from can be character-defining.

5. Learning languages expands their world view

Each language has its own style, cultural references, customs, and heritage. Children who are exposed to these features, the grammar, new vocabulary, and the ideas they represent equip them with the tools to understand the world in new ways.

6. Higher-income

There has always been a correlation between bilingualism and earning potential. The accessibility towards jobs is wider because there are opportunities to find positions in other countries. People value this skill as it brings strong communication and an international mentality.

7. English is the language of the internet

As most of the education has come online, the internet is one such source of education. Nowadays more than half of the content on the internet is in English. With English, children can study all over the world. With a good education, one can get good access to multiple cultures.

These are a few reasons to why the English language is important for children. But this is not all. There are other reasons like learning a new language is empowering, it teaches you discipline, it opens doors for you, it helps you avoid uncomfortable situations, it helps you connect with other people, etc. So what are you waiting for? Help your child learn a new language so that it benefits his/her future. Enroll him/her in some courses and give a healthy speaking environment.

  Written by: Kashf Khan

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