Hindi Medium students can speak good English. How?

“I am good at my subject but I can’t express myself in English.”

said Rajeev with remorse in his voice.

There must be many of you who are well versed in their fields. In fact even better than your peers who completed their education through English Medium. But, like Rajeev, when you are supposed to express yourself in English you lag behind.

Of late English has become an important medium of communication in colleges, offices, interviews etc. However, it is not the first language for many as a result, despite being well versed with the rules of grammar they struggle in conversational English.

But, does it mean you can’t be good at it? Absolutely not.

Like any other language it is a skill that can be acquired and learnt. All you require is the right guidance and a lot of practice.

Here’s a step by step guide to being better at speaking English.

Let the journey begin

‘A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’. The first step to learning something is realising your need and dedication to fulfil it. If you accept that you need to acquire a new skill and there is no way out you take the first step to learning it. Recognise the areas that you need to work upon.

Build the foundation

It is said that a building is a s strong as its foundation. If the foundation is strong the building stands strong and tall. Similarly your journey to learn English starts with you strengthening your foundation. Clear your basics of grammar including your basics for rules and common confusions and mistakes. For this you can take help of English grammar that aims at clearing the basics related to grammar. For example, Learn to Communicate (LTC) course by ACL that helps the students to learn grammar rules and clear the doubts.

Practising what you learn

The biggest opportunity and leverage that a person with English medium background has is that the person gets the opportunity to learn through practice. In order to learn the language, you need to practice what you learn by talking to your peers and conversing in the language. Conversation classes like OLC help you in clarifying your doubts and using English in day to day situations. This helps you gain confidence in using English in a day to day environment.

Form connections

Getting connected to like-minded people and your well-wishers who have the same goal as it helps you stay on track with your journey to become better in English. Moreover, if you are accepting of your mistakes and have a learner attitude you can give permission to your friends and teachers to correct you when you are wrong and this can help to correct your errors.

These are a few ways that can help a Hindi medium student learn English easily with a little effort. But every great student needs a good mentor to guide him or her through the ordeal, to motivate him/ her throughout the process. At ACL we don’t believe in just imparting knowledge, rather we take it as a responsibility to see to the needs of every student and bring results. This keeps us ahead of our peers.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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