How to improve English for Campus Placement?

With time English has not only grown into a language but also as a global language. It has also made the language standard eligibility criteria in most of the interviews. With English being the international language, the candidates often need to prove their mettle in the interviews. Thereby, increasing the need for the candidates to work upon their English communication skills. However, the need to improve English alone will not suffice if it’s not in line with the interview requirements.

Here are a few pointers that can help you with improving your English for the interviews.

Tailor your Answer

There are no perfect answers to the questions asked, but you can make them close to perfection by knowing more about the organization. The answers will change according to the organization and the position that you are applying for. So to prepare for the interview, the first step is to know about the organization. Learn about the mission, objective, and vision of the organization. Knowing this will help you frame most of the answers.

Make a list of Questions

There are a few questions that tend to be mostly asked by the interviewers:

  • Please make a list of such questions and write answers to them.
  • Remember, while answering personal questions, there is no one perfect answer. Try to stay true to yourself.
  • Don’t try to copy the answers from the internet. Give these questions a thought, and then write what is best suited for you.
  • Try to use better adjectives and synonyms while answering questions like, “What is your biggest strength?

Here instead of saying I am ‘very hardworking, it’s better to say ‘I am assiduous’ or ‘I believe in the quality of being industrious’.

Some commonly asked Interview questions are:

  • What are your strengths?
  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What do you consider to be your skills?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?

Practice makes a man & woman perfect.

Once you have prepared answers to the questions, practice them. For this, you can take the help of the interview classes or professional communication courses that help you check your correctness of grammar and help in choosing the right deliverables to impress the interviewers. Practice your answers in front of a mirror to sound natural and not like you have mugged your answers. Some classes offered by ACL, like professional conversation and communication, help you prepare for your presentation skills.

Break The Barriers:

More often than not, an integral part of campus placements is group discussion rounds that aim to check your knowledge and how well you can express yourself in English. For this conversation, classes primarily focused on Group Discussions, and Conversations can help you much fold as they help you in being conversant and framing thoughts on the spot. Apart from giving you a GD feel, they also help you be in a better frame of mind to think creatively and come up with better solutions to the problems. At ACL, courses like Online Conversation have helped 100s of students break the barrier of conversations.


Reading helps you in gaining knowledge. Reading Newspapers can lead to a good understanding of current affairs on the one hand and give you different ways to express yourself on the other. Reading books or newspapers can help you resolve your basic errors related to prepositions and tenses. This passively builds better vocabulary. By reading good books, you can rest assured of holistic development while enjoying the same.

A step-by-step approach and taking a little help from the courses offered by us can make a huge difference in your life-changing moments. Keep brushing your knowledge and practicing through Mock interviews, and the interviews would be a cakewalk, to say the least.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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