Importance of Grammar in English Speaking

Imagine making a brick wall without cement, tools but just bricks

How would it hold together?

Where will the strength come from?

That’s what is grammar to a language be it any language.

English, being lingua Franca, its Grammar study is one the most essential elements of learning it and on the other hand, it can be the most complex thing too and that makes grammar indispensable for the student.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of English grammar in English from informal to professional conversations.

How important is Grammar in your daily life?

Speaking correct Grammar is the key to effective communication that makes you fluent and confident. Knowing proper usage of Grammar can help you avoid errors and make a better connection.

Mainly spoken English usage can be divided into 4 major categories:

A. Professional Usage      
B. Personal Usage

C. Academic Usage      
D. Social Usage


It’s been seen widely that most employers discard applications/ emails with incorrect spellings and improper usage of grammar in the first place. While working also same mistakes may tarnish the name of the organization and can lead to misinterpretation.

Correct grammar won’t just demonstrate your English skills—it’ll also show that you’re diligent and have an eye for detail.


According to many of the dating sites, 15% are less likely to chat with someone who uses wrong grammar. Even for your own self-esteem and that confidence factor, it is vital.


Supposedly you want to study abroad and want to develop good English skills, for IELTS, PTE. TOEFL and other essential tests your Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening skills need to be in good shape, grammar mistakes cannot be expected of you at all.


From a metro journey, college, university, job interview, or a public speaking event, it’s pertinent everywhere, when you’re texting a close friend, for example, it’s fine to use casual or more simplified language and little workable English is also okay.

How can you better your Grammar skills?

  • ACL uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the English language and culture over time. You’ll learn English as it’s spoken in real life.

  • ACL has a variety of niche courses for a different set of audiences, check

  • Reading, especially storybooks of different level help you improve your brain faculties to develop effectively.

  • If you have English Speaking friends, don’t be afraid of asking them to correct you when you make a wrong usage of grammar or vocabulary. A good friend will be patient and encouraging because even native English speakers know that grammar can be complicated.

  • Watch web shows or English movies, mostly with subtitles, and rewind and see how the character spoke that particular thing if you don’t understand. It’s very much okay to do this practice.

In the end, we’d like to say, don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you practice English as these mistakes are going to make a better person out of you.

  Written by: Manish Malhotra

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