Importance Of Communication Skills For Students

Well, talking about communication first, it is really important for everyone, be it a working professional , a student or a homemaker. Communication basically means mutual interaction among two or more individuals. It is just like glue which is binding everybody together. If one wants to achieve success in his/her life, they need to strengthen their communication skills whether verbal or written. But when we talk about only students, communication skills are really helpful in their studies, their career development, job interviews, workplace, and of course social networking.

Let’s see in detail, how are communications skills important for students:-

These skills help students learn more from teachers.

When students interact and ask questions in any subject they are confused about, teachers help them out and this, in turn, helps the students get good marks. Most of the students don’t ask questions because of fear, hesitation, or low confidence. Communication skills help them listen and understand the point of view of teachers in the class.

Good communication skills build strong friendships.

It gives confidence and students feel interested in going to school and college daily. Communication helps in making new friends. Studying with good friends relieves stress which is really important in a competitive environment and situation.

Communication helps in career development.

Communication about the skills and knowledge, usage of vocabulary while communicating with interviewers, and confident facial expressions and voice modulations help students get a job after they complete their education.

Communication skills help in a collaborative effort.

It increases productivity in business, improves the chances of promotion, and earns others’ respect. In the future, where everything is digitalized, students will communicate with their clients online through either mail or video conferences.

Communication skills are important for students in social networking.

It helps in group activities, debates, family functions, etc. It’s not only important to communicate but to listen too. Listening to others’ opinions helps reach new conclusions and develop a different outlook towards the subject. While communicating, students are supposed to respect others’ feelings without causing distress to others.

When we communicate, it improves our presence of mind. Often people focus on their phones while talking to others. If they don’t do so, it will enhance their brainpower and memory. Students need this to become successful in their careers.

Communication helps in maintaining proper body language like eye to eye contact, voice modulations, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Try to communicate in fewer words. Don’t try to speak excessively. This may confuse the listener which in turn may lead to misunderstandings.

While communicating, one should especially focus on filler words used in between the sentences. This shows that the student is not confident and hesitant enough to converse.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”

– Paul J. Meyer.

  Written by: Kashf Khan

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