Impact of Good English Language Skills on your Career Development

If all the above words are summed up, there’s just one string that can bring them all together: English.

The ability to lead, connect and negotiate can only come with very good communication skills, and it’s possible when we are proficient at expressing ourselves in both written and verbal platforms.

In view of the fact that the job market has become global now, employers want their employees to have a good command of English. Hence, knowing English is one of the most important employability skills for career growth.

Let’s look at some reasons that why knowing English is such a sought after skill :

1. Opening Doors To Opportunities:

Knowing more than one language is always an added advantage. It even counts more when it comes to getting hired. Companies give preference to those who have learned a foreign language and are ready to adapt to the lifestyle of an entirely different country.

2.Breaking The Ice:

Working in a multi-national company is a dream of many and English, being the lingua franca, anybody who is fluent in English will be able to ace the conversations taking place at the workplace. Hence, grabbing new opportunities to show their worth at the workplace.

3. The Language Of The Internet:

Many companies, businesses use the internet to communicate and connect with their customers globally. It is considered an important asset to be able to correspond with others via email using correct English.

An ability to communicate via email is one of the most common skills which employers consider while hiring and an absence of the same can lead to rejection.

4. The Language Of Expression:

Seminars, business meetings, conferences, webinars are setting new trends of communication where one needs to present their plans to others. Facts and figures are shared in a short time. To make an effective approach to listeners, one ought to be very good at expressing everything correctly in English.

5. All Over Personal And Professional Growth:

The importance of English is undeniable in the job selection process. Across the globe, job aspirants consider it very important to be fluent in conversational English. They know it can make their chance to work anywhere in the world very flexible. A candidate with a better understanding of English will be preferred over a candidate with the same skills but without good knowledge of English.

Due to globalization, English has become the official language of the world economy. Thus, the importance of English can’t be undermined.

It can even open doors to self-employment. This is one skill set that can be used by anybody anywhere in the world to earn or make money.


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