Being a global language and an important one for academic success, parents are advised to develop English speaking habits in the early years of their child's education. Though it is advisable, it is challenging too. Teaching English to children can be challenging for parents, especially if the family speaks their regional language at home. Under such circumstances, the question is how to motivate your child to speak English confidently.

There are several ways through which a child can be motivated to speak English. Some of them are listed below:-

  • We say the learning of a child starts at home. And it is true. Children spend most of their time at home and in that a lot of parent-child conversation can happen. Parents should dedicate a talk-time routine every day. During the conversation, children can be motivated to answer in English. They can start with small English words or sentences.
  • Children try their best to speak in English, but they commit mistakes too and tend to repeat them. It is the responsibility of the parents to correct them without making them sad. Here comes the role of motivation. Always motivate the children to try harder and repeat again and again. They should make it a habit and soon significant changes can be seen.
  • Create a positive and stress-free environment for the children. Don’t pressurize them to give long answers. Children always take their time to learn and with age, they learn accordingly. If they say one word too, kindly motivate them.
  • Play activities with them which are in the form of games. Create a fun learning environment for them.
  • Never laugh at them when they make mistakes. But laugh along with them. This will create a healthy environment for them and will inculcate moral values too.
  • Give them opportunities to use new vocabulary and phrases that they already know. Also, motivate them to learn new vocabulary and phrases on their own.
  • Help children to participate in discussions too. When talking to them, gradually ask children open-ended questions and encourage them to discuss the topics of their interest. Here, the parents should avoid correcting every mistake of the child. Children may get demotivated. Frequent interruption may lower their morale.
  • If children ask for help, there is no harm in extending a helping hand to them. Suggest to them alternate ways express what they want to say. Hence, the knowledge and experience they get by communicating ideas fully in English give them confidence.

Some other ways can be incorporating a reading habit, choosing TV shows for them wisely, changing the language from Hindi to English while they watch cartoons, etc. Such things can always help children speak in English confidently and fluently. Hence, be patient and motivate the child, no matter how good or bad the child’s English is. Because it is rightly said by Vladimir Lenin, “Learning is never done without errors and defeat”.

  Written by: Kashf Khan

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