The primary purpose of learning a language is to communicate & when it comes to communication, “confidence” is the keyword.

Believe it or not, but confidence is one such factor that can help anyone impress others & express themselves effectively. Thus, English being the international language of communication, it’s indispensable to speak & communicate it confidently.

Practicing the following tips will help you gain confidence while you speak in English next time, whether in front of a large audience or with your colleagues or friends over a cup of coffee!


It’s often seen that due to lack of confidence, people tend to speak so softly that the other person or listeners are not able to understand & as a result of this they’re asked to repeat their statements which tends to make them feel nervous.

One more issue that language learners face is that to sound very confident & fluent, they try to speak very fast & tend to commit mistakes & end up affecting their speech clarity.

To curb this issue, it’s advisable to practice pauses & slower down the speech while speaking. A balanced rate of speech will make you sound more confident & will have a great impact on others.

One great benefit of speaking with correct pauses is that you feel what you say rather than just sounding crammed! Similarly, Practise speaking loudly so that you’re audible to your audience. This can be easily practiced while you’re alone at home or maybe when you’re around your friends who can help you with their honest feedback on your audibility.


“Language is the dress of thought”: Samuel Johnson

It’s been rightly said that what we think is what we speak. So, it’s important to incorporate good vocabulary, phrases, and expressions in your English speaking. There is a plethora of clippings of English T.V. shows & movies on Youtube from where you can get a good collection of small videos which you can listen & repeat again & again which will help you learn many new expressions, dialogues, etc. & you can practice them in real life too with your friends & family.


This method is one of the best ways to improve your fluency. Just try getting into the habit of reading at least 2 to 3 small newspaper articles every day. You can also start reading your text messages on Whatsapp. Make sure you read them loudly & daily. Even if a text is read for 10 to 15 minutes daily, it will help you gain flair in your English speaking. Gradually, you’ll sound more fluent while speaking.


It’s quite common that people tend to lose confidence while speaking in front of a large audience. However, it’s an excellent way to have a conversation with a group of 5 to 7 people to start with. Once we start gaining confidence, speaking on the stage or addressing the public would become easy. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be forgotten that everything comes with practice. So talking with your peers should be a habit you need to develop to reach your goal of speaking confidently in front of people.


As already mentioned above that the purpose of a language is to communicate well. So never be afraid & conscious of committing mistakes. There are many native speakers also who must be committing errors. However, their communication skills help them sail through even in those situations too. Remember…….by committing mistakes you’re actually gaining experience & gradually you’ll come to know the right & wrong of your speaking. Thus, it’ll help you become a good speaker!

By following all the above tips & by being consistent in your practice, you can gradually get command over your English & procure a good level of confidence while communicating in English in front of anyone & everyone.


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