10 Easy Games and Activities for Kids to Learn English

Learning English through games is the most effective way for kids to Learning English. This way they are not only engaged but memorize things fast too. Let’s have a look at these games which would help children learn English faster.

1. Fruit Naming Game

For this make the children sit in a circle and pass any fruit in the group and the children would take the name of the fruit and even spell it.

2. Guessing Game

This one is good for teaching vocabulary related to the kitchen etc . for this we can tie a band on the eyes of kids and give them an object to recall. They will use their recalling power and identify the object.

3. Dumb charades

This is something the kids would really enjoy. One student would act a particular vocab and the other would guess it.

4. Word building

For this, we can use various building blocks of alphabets and the students should form words ( as many as they can )

5. Puzzles

This is a great game for teaching English. We can make horizontal and vertical columns with pictures and starting words of the pictures and the kids should complete it.

6. Picture cards

For this simply various pictures should be given to kids and they would guess the name of the object and share why is that useful.

7. Treasure hunt

For this we should hide various objects in the house and kids should go on a treasure hunt and once they find it they should tell out loud by saying I got —----.

8. Word balloon game

For this, some English expressions should be written on a balloon. The children should read it and play with the balloon.

9. Simon says

Use a soft toy and tell kids he is Simon and you should do as he says . This is good for teaching action words.

10. Word Hunt

Keep jumbled up words in a small bowl and the kids would take them out one by one . The kid who is able to collect maximum words would be the winner.

  Written by: Manish Malhotra

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