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India is the world's second-largest English-speaking country with more than 12% of Indians speaking the language.

The English language works in a variety of ways, thereby contributing to the holistic development of solutions related to education, self-esteem, employment, and bringing communities closer.

We at ACL have had a tremendous 26+ years of association with the city of Nawabs – Lucknow During this remarkable journey we have helped students to IAS officers with their communication skills enhancement that has helped them to scale their communication and English learning to new heights without being boastful makes us the best English-speaking courses in Lucknow.

Below mentioned are the reasons as to why you need to improve your English and communication skills:

  1. Your basics of English are not clear
  2. You have studied at a state board school.
  3. You want to qualify for good interviews
  4. You are a professional and are exploring better opportunities
  5. You want to expand your business.
  6. You lack in being more vocal and confident in front of your peers or bosses.
  7. You want to get better at giving professional presentations.
  8. You want to polish your English for your kid’s better future.

ACL teaching methods are judged by far the best and have made us number one English-speaking institutes in Lucknow and Now the learning gets even easier with us where we have niche courses for different audiences.

ACL proudly offers:

Our Courses at a glance: -

Classroom Course:
3 months, suitable for beginners to advanced speakers that cater to your Grammar correction to important skills and activities required for bettering your English & communication skills, available in select cities.

LTC- Learn to Communicate:
3 months, live online course, suitable for beginners to moderate speakers, a replica of our classroom course.

PCC—Professional Communication & Conversation:
2+1-month, live online, Activity-based course, suitable for professionals, job seekers & advanced learners.

LSCC- Ladies Special Communication & Conversation:
3 months, live online course, for mothers, homemakers & ladies, suitable for beginners to moderate speakers.

KCC- Kids Communication & Conversation:
3 months, live online course, for the kids, age group 8 to 16 years.

OLC- Online Conversation Classes:
1 month, live online course, suitable for all, continued conversation practice course for Ex- ACLians

Our experience and faculties make us outstanding and the best English-speaking courses in Lucknow.

We’ll groom you beyond measure, rest assured!

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