Professional Communication & Conversation (PCC)

Confidence is a key part of being successful in almost any situation, and it’s especially important when it comes to your professional life.

Talking with professionals; to may be even small water cooler chitchats can sometimes get you jittery if you are uncomfortable in expressing your thoughts in English fluently and confidently.

Effective English Speaking covers an important set of skills. Whether you’re teaching your child, closing a deal, asking for a raise from your boss or proposing marriage to your partner, what you say and the way you say it will determine the outcome.
If you come across such issues, don’t worry. With our professional English speaking course, it is easy to learn, you can eliminate your fears and learn how to deliver powerful and engaging content.
So join us on this English speaking course for working professionals, which will give your communication a winning edge and become an effective speaker.


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Do you face any of these problems while communicating?


Lack confidence while speaking in front of peers & seniors?

your confidence gets rock-solid


Being from the state board holds you back ? –

There will be a 360 degree mindshift change


Your hidden Grammar errors turn you down –

it’ll reduce to the minimum


You can speak but cannot communicate effectively –

Activities will make you a better thinker and speaker


Fall short of better vocab apart from Jargon –

Your vocab will enrich


Do you often talk in Hindi with colleagues? –

You just need competent peers & English environment


“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day.”

– Jim Rohn.

Key Benefits Of Online Professional English Speaking Course


Better communication can be achieved through innovative and interactive learning


Collaborative exercises nurture optimism and instill confidence


Regular assignments keep you on track


Teamwork and healthy competition creates a wonderful aura in the live sessions


You speech, vocab, non verbal
communication betters gradually


Your new persona helps you receive professional and personal success


Acl communication
Acl communication
Acl communication

Why Choose ACL Online for Professional English Speaking Course

ACL desires to empower an individual on the effective use of language in all the work & social situations/ contexts.

  • ACL’S 3 decades of experience helps you to navigate in the right direction of your goal
  • Highly skilled and experienced faculty in English communication and conversation training
  • Our ethical flair is pervasive in all the services we provide
  • You get peers from India ‘n’ Abroad


why choose acl

How does it work?


Interaction and light conversation adds fuel to the power of learning


Meticulously planned activities ensure each learner’s complete participation


Regular assessments and feedbacks followed with every activity


Assignments and interactive lesson plans all structured customized


Team building exercises for a better learning environment


Learning Outcomes

  • helps to build trust in listeners at meetings, interviews, presentations and online
  • Builds you into a more charismatic and confident personality
  • Your online learning skills help you seize better online job opportunities
  • Your confident persona will assist you in better interpersonal relationships
  • Make your message memorable via using different tonality.
  • You establish yourself into a more fluent and professional English Speaker.

Why working professionals love ACL?

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