9 Reasons for housewives to take spoken English classes?

“Thomas Alva Edison was an addled child that, by a hero mother, became the genius of the century.”

Such is the power of a mother, of a housewife, who trained, educated her addled child in a way that it filled him with confidence and positivity and he braved the challenges and left his mark in the history of mankind. Therefore, housewives, mothers must be educated to the extent possible.

The growth of the children largely depends on the values instilled in them by their parents, more importantly by their mothers mostly. Therefore, housewives must be educated and they should be empowered so that they are able to contribute more to the family and society. English is one such thing that they require in all walks of life if they want to broaden their horizons.

They are many reasons why housewives should take spoken English classes:

1. It helps them acquire knowledge

When we talk about spoken English classes, it doesn’t just mean spoken English, but much more than that. Because learning to speak a language means, learning about a language, and a language is a repository of customs, traditions, values, beliefs, contemporary forms of fashion, and manners. Thus, by learning a language, new vistas of knowledge open up to them.

2. It helps them have better control over their children

They are more capable when it comes to teaching their children. They can handle the subjects more efficiently, and explain the chapters to their children well once the barrier of language breaks.

3. It makes them attend parent-teacher meetings more confidently

Since all the parents want to send their children to an English medium school, it becomes, otherwise, challenging for them to assert themselves in parent-teacher meetings. By being good at speaking English, they can attend these meetings more confidently.

4. It makes them capable of handling different tasks at home and outside

They can shoulder more responsibilities. They will be more confident in doing work related to banks, government offices, or any private firms.

5. It increases their employability

Since English is the lingua franca in the world, and all the countries are connected to one another by way of trade and commerce, it will increase their employability. They can apply for jobs anywhere in the world. Work-from-home has become a culture since the pandemic struck us in 2019 at most of the places. They can not only raise their children but also contribute financially to the family.

6. They can talk to their children in English.

There is no denying that knowledge is power. By sharing the knowledge with their children, by helping them with their homework, and by talking to them in English, housewives can have better control over their children.

A feeling in the children that “their teachers know, but their parents don’t know” will disappear when they see their parents speak in English to them. It also gives their children an environment of English.


7. It makes them more confident in social situations.

When they go to weddings, functions of their acquaintances, attend kitty parties, or gather for a get-together, their ability to reciprocate to others in English increases their confidence and they gain recognition.

8. It enables them to access the world more easily.

Today most of the content on educational, fashion, or contemporary art forms is available in English. Knowing the language will help them access it more easily.

9. It prepares them for unforeseen challenges in the future.

English possesses that position in the world today that it can help you uplift yourself socially, mentally, and economically.

By learning the language, their capability will increase. They will become more multi-tasking. They will also be prepared for any untoward incident in the future. They will be able to handle things more efficiently. They will be self-dependent.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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