8 TV Shows To Improve Your English

So you have recently worked upon your English language. You have got a good command over grammar. You understand well what people say when they speak slowly but, while listening to English songs or watching English movies you are unable to enjoy it without the subtitles. Your vocabulary is restricted to basic words and phrases. More yet, your exclamation for anything good is limited to good, nice, etc. Or maybe you yearn to get a natural flair while speaking English and improve your vocabulary.

I can’t stress enough the role English shows play to help improve your English. The question then arises what to watch. How to decide what is helpful and what is not and above all how to develop a taste for English shows. These points can help you do so:

  • Choose a show with shorter episodes so that you don’t lose interest.
  • The kids speak slowly so if you are only beginning it is always better to start with shows meant for kids.
  • The shows that have family themes are easy to understand and relate to.

Here is a list of 8 shows that can help you improve your English:

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Set in the nineties this American sitcom has had 10 seasons and recently celebrated its reunion. It revolves around the lives of 6 friends in their late twenties, how they juggle their lives in Manhattan and the day to day events of their lives are a recipe for laughter.

2. How I Met Your Mother

This American TV show ran from 2005 to 2013. It runs in the flashback where the lead actor recounts and narrates the incidents from his life in 2030 to his children. The show contains beautiful life lessons related to love, friendship and relationships. Every episode of this beautiful series introduces you to a new word or phrase and they are self-explanatory which makes it easier for new learners to practice.

3. Suits

Here’s a legal one for you. The series created by Aaron Korsh depicts a young and wayward but exceptionally talented college dropout Mike Ross who manages to work under the best lawyer in New York, Harvey Spectre.

4. Once Upon A Time

For the ones in love with fairy tales and those not so much. This TV show set in an imaginary town of Maine presents twisted endings to fairy tales where the villains seek ‘Happy Endings’ for themselves. This show has the perfect dose of moral lessons, heart-breaks, vocabulary, suspense and creativity.

5. Brooklyn 99

Looking for chill time after a long day at work? How about a chill time that also helps you speak better? Brooklyn 99 is the answer to your question. Forget about smashing the doors, the humour and the common phrases are going to knock you off your senses. The more than perfect coupling of the lead characters ‘ Jake Peralta’ and his overly competitive colleague (later spouse) ‘ Amy Santiago’ don’t leave for a single dull moment.

6. Sherlock

Hungry for some hard core criminal drama and suspense – Sherlock has you covered. Revolving around a sociopath “Sherlock Holmes” and his friend and assistant Doctor Watson, this series will keep you glued to the screen. Join the duo in their search for wanted criminals in close to perfect crime mysteries. It is based on the novel ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and it’s among the most famous and sought after British sitcoms. All we can assure is the British sharp humour and wit will leave you wanting more.

7. Young Sheldon

This show draws its inspiration from the life of the famous character of the show ‘TBBT’ – which is the next in the line of our suggestions of our must- watch shows to improve English. The show describes the character Sheldon Cooper and his growing up years. The struggles of Young Sheldon in coping with the day to day challenges and his effort to survive in the not so friendly world will leave you sympathetic towards the grown up Sheldon. The innocence of the character and his love for science make the character almost adorable.

8. The Big Bang Theory

Science freaks anybody? We won’t leave you wanting. The four super cute and amiable nerds – Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh and Leonard will not only keep your knowledge train running but also on point comedy and punch lines will leave you de-stressed and since the episode runs for 20 minutes it doesn’t call for long commitment with regards to timing.

All said and done as new learners the common issue that you might face is how to begin and where to begin. All good English speaking courses be it- learn to communicate / online conversation / PCC emphasise and guide students as to how they can use English shows to their advantage and enhance their speaking skills.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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