Your body language and non verbal communication gives you away when you are not confident enough. The reason behind it is people do strange things when they are not confident. They encapsulate into a cocoon or they turn into chatter boxes. Confidence is something that is required wherever you go, doesn’t matter whether it’s an interview or a place where you wish to create a first impression.

Sadly, there isn’t a pill that you can pop up to gain confidence. If you find some pills that assure you something of this sort and believe them. Well I guess you haven’t been seeing enough Customer awareness campaigns.

However, it’s not an irreparable damage. The world of medicines may not have addressed this issue but psychology has. Scroll down to get some ways to become confident.


be well read The best waqy to be and sound confident is being well read. Try gaining knowledge from different sources. Be it internet or books or blog that you prefer but try reading about people, things, current issues or knowledge about your subject. Having knowledge gives you confident like nothing else.


roman kraft Everybody has some qualities. You can pen down your qualities on a sheet of paper. They can be as simple as ‘I love animals’ to the difficult ones like ‘I am a star performer in my office’. You can be as artistic with it as you want. Once you write the qualities, stick the sheet at a place where you can see it every day. Start your day with it. It will channelize positive energy in you.


wishes At times the targets that we wish for and set are quite unrealistic and way beyond our caliber. Because of this reason alone we tend to lose our confidence if we are unable to meet such targets. Take baby steps. There is no spell that can lead you to success overnight. The targets should not be too low and not very high also. For example, if you have scored 50% in one exam you might not be able to get 90% in your very next exam but yes you can aim for 65-70% in your exam. Wishes come true only when you wish right.


enrico carcasci A mirror shows you your reflection but it can also boost your confidence just before your big day. Look into the mirror and say “I CAN DO IT” as a famous quotation goes” If you think you can or you can’t you are right”. Repeating this every day reminding yourself of this can do wonders for you. It is because repeating this everyday infuses you with positive energy which boosts up your confidence.


treat yourself As Mark Twain puts it,” A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”. We often overreact to our failures and not appreciate ourselves for our success. For example, it is a common trend among students to brood over and over again on one answer that they couldn’t attempt and not think of the other nine questions that you attempted out of ten. You need to remind yourself of all the good things that you have done. Treat yourself better.A confident person stands out in the crowd. It’s the best attire that you can put on. Half the battle is won if you exhibit confidence in what you do.

Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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