I am well aware of the fact that the re-joining facility at ACL is a goodwill gesture, the institute reserves all the rights to granting/ holding/ stopping of this service as per their company policies & market conditions. I commit to the institute to abide by on the following:

  • I will be regular to my sessions as that is the contributing factor in my results
  • I will help the institute in maintaining discipline by not speaking Hindi at all and stopping others also who are doing so in the areas directed by ACL.
  • I will not be involved in any kind of gossips/ comparison of teachers/ previous teaching methods so as to nail any kind of indiscipline.
  • I will maintain my behaviour standards equal to all teachers as I am well aware ACL believes in culture of mutual respect.
  • I will make sure that my peers are comfortable in my presence and they don’t feel intimidated in my presence as it’s a place where we need to support & help each other to achieve our goals.
  • I will show no tardy behaviour in my regularity, learning, participating in activities, cooperating while learning at ACL.
  • I know Rs.770 per month admin charges are applicable to rejoin which is on lapsable basis and is not transferable or refundable in any circumstances.
  • ACL- Admin office reserves all the rights of a student to avail this service and is not liable to any explanation to anyone in any manner whatsoever

Kindly allow me to re-associate with the centre, thanking in anticipation.

I hereby declare the following:
  • I took admission in 2021, and I am being allowed to re- join classes from the beginning of a new batch in 2022 i.e. Post Pandemic despite the fact that I attended any classes or not Pre Pandemic period, which is a goodwill gesture & help from ACL.
  • I am aware now if I leave the course in the middle out of any reason so the extended help mentioned in point no.1 will be revoked and I have to pay admin charges as applicable at that point of time.
  • I have been told that my utmost regularity is only the key to my results so I must not compromise with the same.
I have read & understood the above-mentioned points carefully and agree with the terms and conditions of the institute.

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