Which is Better for Learning English: One-to-One Lessons vs Online Group Classes

Sailing in uncharted waters can present a challenge on its own. This challenge can become even more daunting when presented with hundreds of options, but no solution, in particular, seems to be perfect.

While choosing the right platform for learning, a person goes through a similar ordeal.

The need to improve one's grip on the English language has become more pressing than not in the present scenario. With lots of new courses in the market and each with bigger proclamations can often confuse whether one should go for one-to-one lessons or group classes.

Here we will dispel some of the doubts to help you make an informed decision about the same.


If you are somebody who draws motivation from peers, group classes will help you. The knowledge that others will interact with you and with whom you can share your thoughts tends to act as motivation not to miss classes. Whereas in the case of one-to-one lessons, the pressure to constantly speak and interact with just one teacher doesn't motivate you to be regular.

Need and Focus Area:

The need of the learner and the focus area also is to be considered while choosing the course. If your condition is to excel in group conversations, GDs, panel interviews, presentations, etc., group classes will give you better exposure.

Interacting with your peers will help overcome your inhibitions and give you better ideas as you will be conversing with people from different backgrounds.

However, if you need to focus on a specific skill related to your profession or have a particular area of focus that you wish to touch, one-to-one sessions can help you as these lessons are designed keeping in mind the requirements of an individual.

Time Factor:

The group classes are conducted with a predetermined time where the scheduler is planned, and individuals register themselves as per the time most suitable to them. The time is rigid.

It is not possible to change your time for classes again and again as per your availability. The one-to-one classes give more flexibility in the case of timings. You can work with your mentor around your schedule if your availability for the classes is not fixed.

The option to postpone a class or frequent rescheduling has its counter effects. You end up losing the rhythm, so unless you are a highly motivated individual, group coaching is best. However, group classes will give you the discipline to follow a routine and prevent you from slacking.

Value for money


The financial element can be a deciding factor while zeroing in on the type of classes you want to attend. The one-to-one classes are conducted where you work with a mentor.

Since the lessons are designed to suit the individual needs, they might cost one anywhere near rs. 1000- 1500 per hourly session. At the same time, the group classes are more pocket-friendly and of a more general nature.

The group classes seem to have an added advantage in the form of competitive motivation they provide and the opportunity to talk to other people. In ACL online classes, we believe that learning a language is made easy when one gets lots of conversation practice.

Therefore, each session is designed to allow you to talk to your peers and enhance your speaking skills with experienced faculties trained to educate the learning skills.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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