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About Us

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Welcome to American Center for Languages

ACL (American Center for Languages) through the last 25 years has successfully educated thousands of students in the correct use of the English language. At ACL we recognize the potential within our students. We know that with the command of the English language, our students can progress and realize their dreams, hopes and aspirations. For in this globalized world, English is the most dominant language.

We are proud of ACL’s ever growing family of students, instructors and other staff members. ACL is not just an organization but an unforgettable experience!

At ACL, we provide state-of the-art infrastructure to make learning easy comfortable and enjoyable. Our staff rooms, class rooms, common rooms are well designed, spacious and hygienic. Our course material is of the highest standard for any given level of learning.

ACL has a progressive outlook for this country. We hope to open many branches in the coming years in various cities and smaller towns of the country. ACL will add finishing courses and grooming schools, retail management courses, call centre training programmes and other value added courses to supplement our current English language course. With many centers under its aegis, ACL goes by the watch words of quality and excellence in delivery with the vision to be one of the best language institutes in the world.


"American Center for Languages will be the premier language institute in India and beyond, that will provide comfortable learning facilities to students and make them fluent in reading , writing and speaking languages with confidence and poise."


  • Be present across all major cities and towns in the next five years.
  • Provide affordable quality education in spoken and written English.
  • Provide state-of-art facilities that promote learning and development.
  • Provide training that helps build a good personality by leveraging on the language skills learnt at ACL.